How Can I Play Windows Games on a Mac?

Ever wanted to play a Windows game on your Mac? OK if you have an Intel-powered Mac running Mac OS X 10.4.6 or later operating system. So, you can run a complete Windows operating system like Windows XP in parallel with your normal Mac operating system. With the Windows operating system installed on your Mac, you can then play those Windows games. In fact, you can run any Windows program.

To install Windows on your Mac, you’ll first need to install Parallel Desktop 3.0. To run parallel desktop software successfully on your Mac, you must have the following: –

  • Mac OS X 10.4.6 or later to test which version of Mac OS X you got, select About This Mac from the Apple menu in the menu bar.
  • Intel-powered Core (TM) Duo or Core (TM) Solo Mac mini, iMac, MacBook (TM), MacBook Pro, or Mac Pro.
  • At least 768MB RAM but 1GB recommended.
  • Approximately 200 MB of hard disk space in boot volume for parallel desktop installation.

Installing parallel desktop software on your Mac is not difficult. Once it installs you can use it to install. What they call guest operating systems means other operating systems such as Windows XP or Vista or even Linux that you can run just like your Mac operating system.

There is a Windows Express Installation Assistant specifically for Windows XP and Windows Vista. You can also install using normal or custom installation settings. During the installation process, you will prompt to insert a CD or DVD containing the operating system software, such as the Windows XP operating system disk.

Once the guest operating system installs, it will run in the window on your Mac screen. When you run an application in a virtual machine with a Windows installed virtual machine, the running application icon comes to the dock by default.

If you want the icon of this application to be present in the dock. Even when this or the virtual machine is not just running right-click (click Control) on the application icon in the mail, select Cap In-mail.

If you click on the Windows application icon in the dock again, it will launch the virtual machine and then the Windows application. That way, you can dock your favourite Windows game. And when you want to play this game, click on it.

If you follow the above procedure, you will be in a position to install and run all the Windows games that you wanted to play. Also, install and run any other Windows applications.

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