How to Use an Unread Email Filter on Mac?

If you immediately try to find out which emails in your email are unread for Mac, we have good news for you. The latest handy filter option can make it easier than ever to display only the latest or unmarked messages in your email account’s inboxes.

The Quick Toggle unread email filter feature is the latest version of Mail for Mac OS that is currently available to save you time and effort. If you are already on the release of the system software, this capability will not be available to you.

However, you are sorting the e-mail inbox read here instead. Suppose you are using one of the latest versions of system software. Therefore, a new read email toggle filter is available that will help you get a read mail.

Steps to fill out unpublished emails via Mac to view all unpublished messages: –

  • You need to open the Mail app on your Mac
  • Go to the primary mailbox screen in your mail and look for the small filter toggle button, it’s a small button and looks like a series of lines on top of each other.
  • Then click the Filter button to quickly filter all emails to show only unread messages.
  • Now, to get all the emails in the inbox, click on the filter toggle again, read and read as you see fit.
  • All unread emails will only be displayed on the Mail screen until the toggle is set and enabled.
  • Alternatively, you can toggle it once, and then open the Mail app every later, the unread filter will remain active.

If you’re just looking for new or unread messages, it’s a simple trick to refresh your inbox to receive new emails with a keystroke. It’s also an invincible helper if you ever find yourself with the Mail app, it will show that you have new read emails available, but if you can’t see them on the screen soon. By toggling the unread filter, previous emails that are unread will appear on your screen.

If you want to filter the inbox you need to click on the original small filter button.

If you click on the text next to the filter button, you’ll see a drop-down menu instead where you can choose what the quick filter button does – set up each email account on Mac Mail. Adjusting some easy filtering options.

As we mentioned earlier, you will find this little filter toggle button only in the latest version of the Mail app for Mac OS. Also, you can get it in Sierra (10.12) or later. If you are a Mac user in an older version of the system software, the same thing can be done by creating an unread mail smart inbox in Mail, and this approach still works in newer versions of macOS Mail.

However, this trick will only work for Mac users and the Mail app, but only if you have a mobile device such as the iPhone and iPad. You can quickly show unread emails in iOS Mail to find out how to read emails. The unread email filter toggle will work the same way on both Mac OS and iOS devices.

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